Planetary Roller Screw & Electric Cylinder Research

Structural anatomy of PRS electric cylinder
Wide Application Development of PRS & Electric Cylinder
China currently has entered the industrial 4.0 era, and the demand for industrial automation solutions has increased rapidly.

PRS is now more and more widely used in industrial field because of its small space utilization, efficient and accurate high thrust output, and durable and stable performance. Especially in the automotive industry, PRS technology has gradually replaced the existing technology system and become the mainstream technology direction, such as automotive wheel Electromechanical Brake (EMB) system, Intelligence rear wheel steering(IRWs), steering by wire (SBW), etc. In the application field of industrial electric cylinder, PRS has a wide application and development space.

Seenpin will continuously committed to the application and development of PRS technology to provide customers with high-quality solutions.

Technical Advantage of PRS Cylinder vs Other Cylinders