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 Key Technical Features of Intelligent Flexible Joints

Relying on Seenpin's technical precipitation and rich experience in the field of ultra precision machining for many years, and constantly making special research and exploration in this field, especially in the field of cold rolling technology, Seenpin has formed its own unique competitive advantage, brought into full play the characteristics of high efficiency, high precision and high material utilization of cold rolling technology, and independently innovated and developed intelligent flexible joint products.

Technical Features

1. It integrated height sensors such as reducer, drive motor, drive control circuit board and encoder in a small space, it is a hightech mechatronics product.

2. It has high precision encoder, torque sensor, advanced motor driver and high precision motion control algorithm, can accurately control the output position of the joint Degrees, trajectories and moments.

  Intelligent Flexible Joints Application in Service Robotic Industry

Modular Intelligent joint series products are the key core components of innovative R&D and application technology of intelligent man-machine cooperative robot and service robot. It realize the arm movement of intelligent man-machine cooperative robot and intelligent service robot. With your imagination, make magic robots like building blocks!

It will drive the in-depth technological transformation and upgrading of a series of upstream and downstream industries related to intelligent man-machine cooperative robots and intelligent service robots, play a demonstration and leading role, and promote the service robots to enter the family as soon as possible.



Modular Intelligent flexible joint products