Seenpin Core Value


Chapter I    CUSTOMER-CENTRIC-Continuously create maximum value for customers

Make Customers Successful: Without customers’ support, there will be no survival or development of the company. The needs of customers are driving force or motive power of our development. Quick response, thinking-ahead and putting yourself in the customer’s shoes are the rules we should obey. Customer’s problems are our problems and we should continuously provide effective solutions and services to create maximum value to customers to help them success. Making customers successful is to help ourselves successful.


Customer-Centric: The objective and required standard of customers are also ours. We care about and take into account the feelings of customers. To satisfy them, we take the initiative, show a clear attitude of efforts, and take actions. On the basis of adhering to principles, we finally achieve the satisfaction of customers and the company.


Look-ahead Service: We provide technology and value-added services while providing products. We do a good job in the corresponding orderly service, which is reflected in any tiny activity of each post to create value and serve customers.


Key Objective: Look-ahead serve and help customers successful. Customer is the center. Customer review the satisfaction in the way of shop around then comparing the prices, so we should do a good job in self-evaluation with the brief of beating competitors and actively strive for the orders. The same is true for the internal customers. Take into account customers’ feelings and expectations.

Chapter II    RESPECT-Honest & sincere, Ordinary people have the courage to bear when things happen

Honest & Sincere: Being honest, staying what you belong and keeping faith is our most important intangible asset. Saying what need to say and keeping commitment should be every employee’s standard of behavior or as the honesty principle to face the product and customer.


Respect & Humanity: We respect people and promote the morals. We believe it’s our humanity with a benevolent heart and believing the truth firmly is our view on life of creating value. We take it as our responsibilities of serving the country through industry, prospering the country with science and education and contributing the community with the development of the company. We will make unremitting effort for the prosperity of the motherland, the rejuvenation of the Chinese Nation, and the wellbeing of our own families.


Respect the employees: The great harmony prevails based on rules of nature. Thus, we need to unlock our employees’ potentials complying with their nature and interest, motivate them and help them develop continuously, which we thought is the greatest love of leaders for employees. Through the strengthening of the human resources development, employees have the opportunities to practice and grow up, then we can maximize the value of employees. Only when employees grow will the company develop.  Conscientious, responsible and effective employees are Seenpin’s best fortune. We insist that the appreciation of human capital is greater than that of financial capital.

Ordinary people do extraordinary things: We persist in hard work with few emotions, complaints and degradation. On the basis of being dare to be the first, we also need to be modest and don’t take credit when things are done. Being diligent, thrifty, cultivating temper, mind and morality can improve our realms.


Dare to take responsibilities: The sense of responsibility is the basic requirement when we do things and also is the cornerstone of our enterprise. With the awareness of being the ownership of our own post, we need always maintain high fighting spirits, forge ahead and dare to take responsibilities. We don’t shy away from difficulties, and escape responsibilities, instead, we admire the spirit of dedication, being devoted to our duties, and doing everything wholeheartedly, which we think can help to improve our performance.


Key Objective: Honesty and trustworthiness is the accumulation of credit. How great success you achieve depends on the credit you have. The result of focusing on the performance goal is your greatest credit, which is obtained through the courage to bear and the unrelenting struggle.

Chapter III    TEAMWORK-Sharing, objective, just and resolute

Teamwork: Inspired by the mission, vision, strategy and values of Seenpin, our team shoulders the mission of the enterprise, has strict organizational discipline and strives for common goals. Values are our core belief rooted in our hearts, our internal motivation, and also is an indestructible whole which has strong combat effectiveness.


Sharing: We have complementary advantages and help with each other for mutual benefit. There is no perfect individual but perfect team in the world. With the heart & belief of unity, we do not abandon or give up. If we win, we raise together to celebrate, and if we lose, we fight to save each other. Team co-working is not only the collaboration spirit of cross-cultural groups but the powerful guarantee to break walls between departments and help to improve the efficiency of process. We aim to realize the mutual development of individuals and the team together.


Objective & Just: Covering mistakes is a major taboo of management which will lose the impartiality of management. We are objective, fair to seek the truth from facts with the purpose of being open and in the light of system protection. Only limited in the big cage of institution, can we fully exercise the rights and take the responsibilities authorized by the company so that we can deliver values.


Resolute: The decision-maker of the enterprise must keep focus on the destination, carry out resolutely based on business process and management process with clear division of responsibilities. We need to form effective fighting capacity with the resolute execution, indomitable and dedicated spirit, indefatigable attacks and team efficient cooperation. Make the clear decision before discussion, then make the team work and realize the strategic vision.


Key Objective: Teamwork is not only to emphasize on the individual performance, more importantly, it emphasizes the whole performance of the team. Multiplicative benefit generated from team collaboration: resolutely carrying out and forming the effective fighting capacity then producing the multiplicative benefit.

Chapter IV    OPEN & INNOVATIVE-Keep learning, value principle & practice,contest mobility, common destiny

Keep learning: Learning is our spiritual food. Constantly absorbing the knowledge of science and subverting and reshaping the structure of what we have known is employees’ greatest welfare. We cherish every employee’s creativity and added-value from each position. We create the future by learning with each other in work.


Value principle & practice: Think about “Yin” & “Yang” theory with the common sense to explore the nature of things. The two points of principle and target are connected to produce positive effect. Totally understanding and mastering the principle technology and deeply digging the internal potential of derivative technology applied in actual scenarios through the management can help to maximum the value.


Insist in openness & innovation: We are proactive and open-minded. Only by constantly absorbing the new things, new technology, new theory with the open mind, selecting applications and self- rebirth in combination of actual situation of the enterprise can we live forever. All the advanced technologies, products, solutions and business management that we studied, ought to be transformed into business value for continuous innovation and new experience of customers.

Contest Mobility for further improvement: Competition is the eternal cornerstone of development. Without competition, there will be no improvement and development. The competitive flow principle of survival of the fittest is to move talents, products, finance and logistics, so as to make the use of people and things. Finally, the value of talents and goods will be maximized.


Common destiny: On the basis of independence, we look upon on the extensive reciprocal cooperation and establishment of strategic partnership and actively explore the various forms of external cooperation on the basis of mutual benefit. Establish a community of common destiny with mutual trust, wisdom sharing, value sharing and win-win cooperation.


Key objective: open & innovation: Create the new experience of customers. All the activities that promote productivity through innovation should be transformed to business value.

Chapter V:    SELF-CRITICISM-Embrace changes, surpass yourself,Mutual traction

Embrace changes: Being able to rationally deal with difficulties and frustrations caused by change, and willing to fully communicate, cooperate in good faith, we can break through the bottleneck and adjust to find the new ideas and methods.


Surpass yourself: Cut off all means of retreat and pass on the pressure of market crisis to each staff. Through independent market pressure transmission, the internal mechanism will always be activated and full of vitality. Influence others with own actions and bring about the breakthrough improvement.


Mutual traction: Opportunities, talents, technologies and products are main mutual tractions for the growth of the company. There is interaction between the four forces. Opportunity leads to talent, talent leads to technology, technology leads to product and product leads to more opportunities. Increasing the traction between the four forces and promoting the virtuous circle will accelerate the growth of the company. It also includes the opportunities and productivity formed by various mutual forces in work.


Insist on self-criticism: Self-criticism is carried out with the individual as the center. Self-criticism need to touch the soul, put face aside, bravely uncover the scars and expose their own shortcomings, which requires a kind of realm and courage.

Learn from the laws mastered by history and practical experience for self-criticism. Take history as a mirror, we can know the rise and fall. Only by self-criticism with reality and objective facts can we explore the practical and effective methods. Criticizing yourself today by standing on the point in the future will help you to create the future. Do not bring the practical problems into the future. Looking at reality with future is also a way to explore the future. Only constantly review and experience summary in practice can our thinking be close to reality and cycle to a higher level.


Key objective: Self-motivation. Improve the core competitiveness of the overall company and circulate to higher realm and higher level. And it is also a process of self-optimization.

Chapter VI    HARD WORK-Passion, optimism, dedication,Craftsman spirit

Passion & optimism: We devote ourselves into work and enjoy it because we always have the spirit of optimism, the belief that we can win, the resolute to change or even to make a breakthrough and the positive attitude toward the work. We have fun in work and keep enriching ourselves to improve our performance as well as influence and drive our colleagues and the team.


Love what you do & dedicate yourself: Love what you do in your position. Being professional, focused, patient, rigorous and meticulous, persistent, detail-oriented and always pursuit of perfection, then we can repeatedly improve and update our products.


Craftsman spirit: All industrial products are created by human scientific knowledge and technology, the craftsman spirit and wisdom. We encourage people to do what you love and specialize what you do. To ensure the product quality in the flow from my station to the next step. The employees who can transform the scientific knowledge and technology and craftsman spirit into productivity deserve rewards.

 We keep refining and caring about our products, which is our internal gene of sustainable development of our cause including the spiritual behavior of knowledge, technology, management and sentiment. Quality matters. Continuous improvement to the quality and service of products.

Insist in hardworking: Focus on the goal and work diligently and unrelentingly. We have no scarce resources to rely on and only hardworking can help us to win respect and trust of customers. Keeping thinking is a way to stimulate internal potential and prospect large oil fields, forests and coal mines in our minds. Hardworking is embodied in any minute activities that create values for customers.

 In the case of lack of resources and talents, we should think of ways to use more innovation and improvement methods, which also includes all intangible elements to promote the development of productivity, so as to obtain the maximum output with less input and improve our competitiveness. Spiritual civilization promotes material civilization, that means, spiritual civilization converts material civilization and the latter will be conducive to the consolidation of the former. Resources will be exhausted, and only culture will continue to grow. We insist on taking the striver as the foundation, so that the striver can get a reasonable return.


Let enthusiasm, modesty, unremitting efforts and adhering to the spirit of hardworking become our habit of perseverance. Obtain the corresponding position through competition. We work collectively and do not accommodate meritorious employees, follow the laws of nature, then establish an ecological operation mechanism which have a metabolic environment, function and order to inherit and innovate.


Key objective: To stick to the goal and work hard, the key is to find ways to obtain greater work results with less investment, strive to improve performance, be passionate and optimistic, face the world with a smile, have a beautiful mood and state, and take the individual as the center of the happiness index.


For the community of destiny! I insist on hard work all my life! Self-criticism! Teamwork! Continuous learning, openness and innovation! Optimistic and upward! My heart is magnanimous! No more words & regrets!

Seenpin Staff Presence