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Technical Advantages & Applications of PRS

Wide Application Prospect of PRS

It can replace the hydraulic drive system, with fast response speed, high precision, high load, cleaner and environmental protection, and easier to realize electronic control. It can replace the ball screw electric cylinder, with the characteristics of small lead, high precision, good stability and long service life. It will become the main technical alternative of hydraulic drive and ball screw electric cylinder in the future. 

Technical Features

1.Under the same screw diameter, the load capacity is increased by 6 times, under the same load, it saves 1/3 space compared with the ball screw, the service life is increased by 14 times, the working environment temperature range is increased by 2 times, and the rigidity and impact resistance are improved.

2. It can provide higher rotation speed and acceleration, the rotation speed can reach 16000r/min, the linear speed 2m/s, and the acceleration 3g. It is difficult for ball screws to achieve the above indicators.

3.The lead of the planetary roller screw is afunction of the pitch of the roller screw. The lead can be less than 0.5mm, and the lead can be designed as an integer or a decimal, without the need for a reduction gear to match.

4.It can be used in harsh environments and produces less vibration and noise during high-speed operation.5.It is easy to disassemble and maintain. When disassembling, you can directly unscrew the nut without removing the roller. 

 PRS Products Have Wide Application in Many Different Industries



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