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Seenpin shares core values, strategic development

Chapter 1, Seenpin Mission:

    Respect for the value of human beings; we are honest and grateful attitude and a high sense of responsibility to treat the community, treat colleagues
    We are committed to the precision components, intelligent transmission parts; with emotional, intelligent, cultural connotation of the robot, so that the robot per capita, a robot and people live in harmony with the normal mode of life

Chapter 2, Seenpin Vision:

   So that we stand in Hangzhou Changhua Millennium town of intelligent transmission components; with emotional, intelligent, cultural connotation of the robot industry world-class leading well-known enterprises

Chapter 3, Core Values

First, customer-centric

     NO.1, customers no company's survival and development, customer demand is the driving force behind our development; rapid response to customer needs, to provide effective customer service, continuing to create long-term value for customers and customers.。  
   NO.2 Customer service is the first element of the attitude, the urgency of urgency, customers would like to think, standing on the customer's position to think about the problem, on the basis of adherence to the principle, with advanced service awareness, take preventive measures to reach customers and companies are satisfied
    NO.3 In the provision of products to customers while providing technical and other value-added services. The customer's question is our problem. We insist on bringing value-added services to our customers. Is committed to providing customers with satisfied goods and services, is the direction of our work and value evaluation of the scale
     NO.4、On the road management procedures and the next process is your customers. The external customers to dig out a clear and clear needs, internal to clear and clear goals, standards, we do the corresponding orderly service. Reflected in the post to create value for any small event of customer service.

Second, the fate of the community

    NO.1 The organization of strict discipline, a strong core team, to play a strong core organization leadership, the team's spiritual temperament to the enterprise every employee, we can become an indestructible whole。
    NO.2、The team is only based on the same values and mission sense, it has a tough combat effectiveness. We do not give up, do not give up, and the team together is our common goal
    NO.3、Wins is toast to celebrate, defeated desperate to save. Teamwork is not only a cross-cultural group collaboration spirit, but also to break the wall, to enhance the efficiency of the process of effective protection。
    NO.4、Our team is in the mission, the vision of the appeal, shoulder the mission of the enterprise, for the strategic objectives of the enterprise and struggle to fight the collective. Business decision makers make decisions, immediate division of labor, with indomitable, ruthless, never tired of the offensive team and efficient cooperation in the implementation of the spirit。
   NO.5、To promote our team complement each other, only a complete team, there is no complete individual. We are the unity of the heart, surmount the faith, for our fate community goal "with the joys and sorrows, the fate of" hard work. To achieve the common development of customers, companies, teams and individuals。

Three, originality 

    NO.1、All industrial products are human science knowledge and technology, artisans spiritual wisdom to create. Continue to learn scientific knowledge to subvert their own employees is the greatest benefit. Learning is our spiritual food. At work we can learn from each other for the future. Cherish the creativity of each employee. To rigorous style, a high degree of concentration and meticulous, the spirit of excellence and care for our products。
    NO.2、Artisan spirit, scientific knowledge and technology, which is the cause of the sustainable development of our genes. Not only contains knowledge, technology, management, sentiment, and also contains all the development of productivity to promote the invisible
 Elements.So that the scientific knowledge and technology, artisan spirit can be transformed into productive employees get a better return.

Four, happy work

    NO.1、We do not have any scarce resources can be dependent; only hard work to win the respect and trust of customers. Struggling is reflected in any tiny activity that creates value for the customer. Only in our minds dig out the big oil fields, large forests, large coal mines and hellip ;. Think of ways to use more innovation and improvement methods; we adhere to the struggle for the people, so that the struggle to get a reasonable retur.
    NO.2、Resources will be exhausted, only culture will be endless. We only hard work, natural dedication, as well as in the process of labor to enrich themselves to do their own efforts. Spirit can be transformed into material, material civilization is conducive to the consolidation of spiritual civilization. We adhere to the principle of spiritual civilization to promote material civilization. Determined not to pay the energy, to eliminate all difficulties, to win!
    NO.3、We have endless resources. To continue to think about playing the subconscious ability, positive and optimistic attitude into the work, happy face of work, enjoy the fun of work in order to stimulate the internal resources of energy, and constantly enrich themselves and improve themselves.
   NO.4、Attention to the principle: thinking for life to establish the direction of life posture. If the thought is negative, then the result of life will become negative. To moral ethics "and" good & "and" behavior "to understand the essence of human nature. To the principle of common sense thinking "and" and "yang" ralph lauren pas cher, to explore the nature of things. Principle and target two points connected to produce positive effect.
    NO.5、We believe that truth is to create the value of life, we should not sigh, do not hate, do not sink, do not complain, as long as efforts to improve forward. Clear, modest to deal with things, not proud, active and positive, thanks to the feelings of every day. This feeling is very important in the way of life. Keep a cheerful mind and continue to work, as long as doing so, you can spend a rich and happy life.

Fifth, open and enterprising

    NO.1、Strategic partners: the establishment of mutual trust, wisdom sharing, sharing of values, win-win cooperation in the fate of the community relationship.
    NO.2、Our vitality comes from following the market changes and constantly self-rebirth. Only to develop the mentality of constantly absorbing new things, new technologies, new theories and combined with the actual business, selection of applications, to endless.
    NO.3、We provide every employee with an opportunity to open up the platform, is in the system to protect the sun open, in the fair competition, so that the value of employees will be maximized.
    NO.4、We are proactive, the courage to open up, adhere to openness and innovation. Any advanced technology, product, solution and business management can only generate value by turning it into business success. Continuously innovate to create a new customer experience.
    NO.5、Only on the basis of the introduction of digestion is not enough, to fully understand the grasp of the principle of technology, in-depth mining of the inherent potential and derivative technology, to maximize its value.

Six, fresh and bright

     NO.1、We can only be honest and sincere, can make a statement, keep its promise. Integrity is our most important intangible assets, adhere to the integrity to win customers.
     NO.2、In our family, each of our employees in the principle of honesty and trustworthiness to face the products and customers; we want to always feel the colleagues around the sun and vigorous vitality; we magnanimous attitude to the common goal as a starting point To resolve differences of opinion among colleagues, to reach a consensus and put into action.
     NO.3、Promote the moral, fresh and bright, with a warm, humble, grateful attitude towards society and nature, respect for others, the establishment of norms, integrity, open self-mentality of social harmony and familyism. We are amazed, unremitting efforts to establish a reliable character and corporate brand.

Seven, competition to improve

    NO.1、High goal competition is the eternal development of the cornerstone: no competition there is no improvement and development. Industry serve the country and the country through science and education as its mission to the development of the company to contribute to the community. For the great prosperity of the motherland for the revitalization of the Chinese nation, for their own and family happiness and make unremitting efforts.
    NO.2、The principle of competition for the survival of the fittest is to let talent and products, finance, logistics, so that people make the best use of their best use. And ultimately achieve the value of talent and product value to be the most reflected.
    NO.3、Opportunities, talent, technology and products are the main traction of the company's growth. There is interaction between these four forces. The opportunity to traction talent, talent traction technology, technology traction products, product traction more and more opportunities. Increase the four forces of the traction, do not accommodate the active staff, to promote a virtuous circle between them, will accelerate the company's growth. Through the competition to obtain the corresponding status. Follow the laws of nature, the establishment of ecological operation mechanism: to have a metabolic environment and function, order, heritage innovation.
Eight, beyond the self
    1、Self-criticism is the realm of breaking the bottleneck and mind. Look for the root of the problem should first look at themselves, to avoid complaining mentality, with their own behavior affect others, improve themselves.
    2、In their own very good time to do more to do self-criticism, not the best, only better. Always keep modest open mind. Self-criticism is progress, continuous improvement, not self-denial. Only to adhere to self-criticism, to listen. Difficulties and setbacks to change, self-adjustment and new ideas to create change and bring about breakthroughs.
    3、Feeling good naive yesterday, I grew up in progress; to maintain the mentality of youth! Often nostalgic and once brilliant, mentality is already old. Natural dedication is to let the warm, humble, unremitting efforts to become a spirit of our constant habits.

 Hangzhou Xinjian Robot Technology Co., Ltd,
       Chairman of the Board: Shan Xinping
March 25, 2017